I met Ronald Clouse at the American Museum of Natural History in New York and discovered his project on phylogeography of Opiliones in 2013. It was a great coincidence, because Dr. Cibele Bragagnolo and I were at close to the deadline of a final report on a study on phylogeography of Brazilian Opiliones (Arachndia). We had all the samples collected and sequenced but no familiarity with the analysis toolkit. Ron stayed with us in São Paulo, Brazil, for a week and taught us all the steps needed to analyse the data. His collaboration was fantastic; we submitted the manuscript to Invertebrate Systematics, and the reviewers requested only minor revisions.

Prof. Dr. Ricardo Pinto da Rocha, Universidade de São Paulo, and Cibele Bragagnolo, Ph.D., Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Brazil



quote_right-01Dr. Ron managed an international collaboration on sand fly phylogenetics in Ethiopia, which we published in the journal Systematic Entomology (Grace-Lema and Yared et al., 2015). In addition, he supported me in reading and editing my research thesis. Now we are also working collaboratively on scientific research activities.

Solomon Yared Gebremeskel, Ph.D., Jigjiga University, Ethiopia


General_round-01quote-01I was privileged to join Ron in the field at several study sites in the Philippines.  I am still working on the copious data we gathered, from which I already published the taxonomic description of a new genus of ants.  Our collaboration continues even after the publication of articles in high-impact journals.

Dave General, Researcher, Ph.D. candidate, The University of the Philippines Los Baños Museum of Natural History


Mekonnen_round-01quote_right-01It was a privilege working with Dr Ron. Successful completion of my PhD was impossible without him. We published two papers in the peer-reviewed Malaria Journal, and his responses to comments and edits were unbelievably fast. He is born to help!

Seleshi Kebede Mekonnen, Ph.D., Jimma University, Ethiopia