Our Process

1. Request

Submitting a request is the first step in the Brown & Clouse process. This step will help us assess where our team can provide the most impact to your work. In our initial meeting, we’ll use your answers to guide our discussion of our services.

Or, reach out directly to one of our Partners via email.

2. Plan, Budget, and Choose

We’ll work with you to develop a comprehensive collaboration plan that works with your timeline, expectations, and budget.

At this stage, we’ll also determine an appropriate expert from our network of postdoctoral fellows and senior graduate students. You’ll receive a bio and have full control over whether you move forward.

3. Collaborate

Brown and Clouse is different from traditional science writing and editing services. We incentivize excellence by working with you to negotiate authorship for our expert collaborators. We adhere to a high standard of ethical conduct to craft authors, not just science writers.

Our unique process leads to lower costs, while deepening the commitment of our expert collaborators to your success.

4. Relax

Our Partners will be available throughout the collaboration to advise on projects, assist with communications and logistics, and call in new experts.

Our model ensures that authorship and payment is agreed upon and pegged to important collaboration milestones. You won’t pay for incomplete work or be forced into authorship for less than the highest standard of contribution.

Questions about our process? Our Partners are on-hand to walk you through our unique approach.